Create Your Ideal Smile at Huntingburg Family Dentistry

There are a variety of reasons why patients seek out professional cosmetic dental care, ranging from surface staining, gaps, chips, and more. While these things may not directly affect your dental health, being unhappy with your smile can lower self-esteem and keep you from sharing your smile with the world.

Huntingburg Family Dentistry is dedicated to delivering our patients’ dream smiles through our professional cosmetic dental services. As cosmetic procedures have advanced and more products have become available within the dental industry, it is easier and more affordable than ever to create your ideal smile. Schedule your cosmetic consultation at Huntingburg Family Dentistry by calling (812) 683-4100 to get started.

Cosmetic Treatments

Aren’t satisfied with the shade of your smile? Wanting to lighten and brighten your teeth? Professional teeth whitening can help! Your teeth can stain, yellow, and discolor over time, especially when exposed to coffees, red wines, smoking, and more. Don’t let these factors dull your smile. Huntingburg Family Dentistry offers professional whitening treatments, providing lasting results in as little as a single visit. Our dental staff can help you decide if you are a good candidate for whitening treatment, including our at-home and in-office options.

Dental bonding provides patients with a quick and inexpensive solution to gaps, chips, and discoloration. Using a natural-colored resin, this material is applied to the surface over the imperfections in your tooth or teeth, leaving you with a perfect smile. While not always as permanent as other procedures, bonding may be a great fit for your dental needs.
Often used to treat similar issues as bonding, dental veneers can be used to effectively mask imperfections in the teeth. Veneers are a customized dental device that creates a permanent outer shell or layer over the affected tooth. These are custom-fitted to your mouth, resulting in a long-lasting, comfortable, and natural makeover to your smile.